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About Hiero a.s.b.l.


Hiero a.s.b.l. was formed on 20 May 2015.

The Board

Mathias Foehr - President
Alex Kampa - Vice president
Daniel Michulke

Profiles of founding members

[Mathias Foehr] is an engineer, actuary, consultant in IT and mathematical finance with a passion for innovation and extensive teaching experience. He is Vice-President of the asbl de Kär, emittor of the Beki. Linkedin

[Hervé Hansen] (Hansen & Muller) is a litigation lawyer with an interest in crypto-finance Linkedin

[Alex Kampa] is an engineer with a long-lasting interest in monetary theory and financial markets. Linkedin

[Max Hilbert] is a committed promoter of alternative finance. For the past 3 years, Max has managed the asbl de Kär, the emittor of the Beki.

[Daniel Michulke] holds a doctorate in IT and is a functional programming, machine learning and computer trading specialist. Linkedin

[Jörg Reinking] is an independant consultant and a specialist of payment systems. Linkedin

[Frank Roessig] (Akéance consulting) started the "Erste Europäische Pfandbrief- und Kommunalkreditbank AG" in Luxembourg and after various general management experiences has become an outstanding systemically thinking consultant . Linkedin

[Lynette Stoltzfus] is a marketing specialist, with a combined systemic and down-to-earth approach. She also teaches a course in PR at the European University Business School. Linkedin