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If you have an interest in financial innovation and crypto-finance and would like to apply for membership of Hiero a.s.b.l., please contact Mathias Foehr (+352 661 808 066 / mathias.foehr at hiero dot lu) or Alex Kampa (+352 691 46 85 81 / alex at kampa dot com).

Full members ("membres effectifs")

Full members have the right to vote at the associations's General Assembly. Membership is public, with the full name, address and nationality published annually at the Luxembourg Register of Commerce. The membership fee is currently set at EUR 50 per year.

Full members are expected to actively participate in the activities of Hiero a.s.b.l., including in research activities and presentations during conferences. Hiero a.s.b.l. is a working community, not a networking group. Applications from persons who do not have the time to actively participate are discouraged.

Although the statutes do not bar bodies corporate from becoming full members, the board is unlikely to accept applications from such bodies for full membership. Bodies corporate are instead invited to apply for supporting membership.

Supporting members ("membres adhérents")

Supporting members have no voting rights, but receive privileged access to the research activities of Hiero a.s.b.l. Membership is not public, but supporting members will be recognised on the Hiero website if they so wish.

The annual membership fee for supporting members is EUR 50 for individuals and EUR 1000 for bodies corporate.

Membership fees should be paid to the following account: LU84 0099 7800 0040 6371.