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This section contains texts of speeches and presentations from our conferences and monthly talks, as well as papers on various subjects related to financial innovation. Access to certain documents will be restricted to supporting members

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>> Monday, 3rd August 2015
Interview with Mathias Foehr in the Lëtzebuerger Journal

[ http://www.journal.lu/article/gar-keine-wahl/] [ pdf version ]


>> Friday, 5th June 2015
Crypto-finance for the financial community


With the support of

Introduction :: Mathias Foehr :: slides

Introduction to Crypto-Finance :: Alex Kampa :: allocution :: slides

Tembusu presentation :: Andras Kritof :: slides

Crypto-gold :: Jörg Reinking :: slides

Digital Finance Business Models :: Frank Roessig :: slides

Legal challenges of crypto-finance in Luxembourg :: Hervé Hansen :: (will be published in the form of a whitepaper)

Draft of a Luxembourg business model :: Mathias Foehr :: slides


>> Tuesday, 2nd June 2015
Crypto-finance discovery workshop for IT specialists


With the support of

Introduction :: Mathias Foehr :: slides

Cryptography principles in cryptocurrency :: Pavel Kravchenko :: slides

Money and banking, a short primer :: Alex Kampa :: presentation :: slides

Research topics in Crypto Currencies :: Alex Biryukov (Uni Luxembourg) :: slides

New proofs of work for cryptocurrencies and crypto applications :: Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich (Uni Luxembourg) :: slides

Experiences with Bitcoin :: Daniel Michulke :: slides

How does Bitcoin work? :: Pavel Kravchenko :: slides

Distributed ledger systems :: Pavel Kravchenko :: slides

Changes initiated by Cryptofinance / Open-source ecosystem / conclusions :: Mathias Foehr :: slides